Virtual Home Staging

What is virtual home staging?

You have likely heard of the process of (traditional) home staging for homes that are on the market.

For those who are not familiar with this service, it is simply the preparation of any home for the market to make it more sellable to buyers. Homestyling by Cathy stages occupied & vacant homes and condos. The process may involve painting, repairs and updates.  Sometimes it is as simple as de-cluttering, de-personalizing, furniture layout and art placement.

The results of a professionally staged house speak for themselves. Statistics show that staged homes sell in less than half the time needed for a comparable un-staged home. Statistics also show that they sell for 6-17% more money than a comparable un-staged home. So why wouldn’t everybody stage their home? In my experience, the bottom line is that it requires a significant investment. Most sellers are not willing to invest in staging if they are not sure their house will sell for $xxxx. The ones that do take the plunge and stage, are overwhelmingly glad they did it. Their homes are the ones that get the most viewings and most offers.

But there are legitimate circumstances that prevent sellers from investing in staging. As mentioned before, the most significant one is the amount of investment needed up front. We at Homestyling by Cathy have come up with a more cost effective way to get your house noticed by the buyers.  At the moment it is for vacant homes only.

Before Virtual Staging

Over 90% of buyers get their ‘first impression’ of a home that is on the market from the online photos.

A photo of a vacant room looks like an empty box and is unlikely to make buyers rush to see your home. In fact, in a buyers market like we have right now, most will skip over the empty box houses and move on to the ones that show beautifully furnished. Technically, the empty box house may have a better layout, better finishes, and even be better built.  But people are not going to know that because the online photos are not enticing them to go see it.

That’s where ‘virtual staging’ comes in.

We can take your photos of an empty room and use software to stage it with virtual furniture and accessories.  The online photos will then become very enticing to buyers. This, in turn, results in more viewings which will usually lead to more offers.

Each staged photo is $50+HST and there is a minimum order of 3.  You decide exactly how many you want but it should include at least one of each major room. Often a second photo of a particular room from another angle is recommended.

After Virtual Staging

There are a few important points to remember.

1. We can use your existing photos if they are good quality and have no copyright issues. It is your responsibility to ensure there are no copyright restrictions.
2. We can take the pictures for you for an extra charge.
3. We recommend any online advertising using the staged photos be marked ‘Virtually Staged’.
4. We do not remove walls or any structural element in the staged pictures because this will not be true to the buyers who go to look at the home.

Contact us if you want more buyers looking at your home. We can beautify your photos for the online marketing, which will get more attention from buyers in your market.  This will drive more visitors to view your home, and increases the probability of selling quickly.