Vacant Home Staging

Vacant homes are a tough sell because the majority of buyers can only see the way it is, not the way it could be.  Vacant homes expose the buyers to every minor fault in the home (no house is built perfect to suit everyone’s needs!) and will not highlight its good features.

Our team can ensure that the buyers will have an excellent impression when they view your home. This, of course, leads to more offers, better offers, and often a better selling price.

  • We will have a look at your house and recommend if your house needs any painting, updates or repairs.
  • We can recommend paint colors and a good painter if needed.
  • We can advise on other updates if need be, such as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. We can even shop for those items for you if you wish.
  • We can prepare your house for the target market by furnishing it with our wide selection of furniture and accessories.
  • When finished, your house will be in ‘Open House’ condition and will WOW the buyers.

Our strategies for home staging include dealing with problem areas that create objections in the buyer’s mind, such as “This space might be too small for us” or “This layout won’t work very well for our furniture”.

Keep in mind that photos of a vacant home on MLS are prone to the “Empty Box” effect.   They just don’t pique the buyer’s interest enough to make them want to view the home.

Each home is different and the pricing for each home varies accordingly. Please get in touch with us to discuss staging your home.

New and Recently Renovated Homes

We offer a free estimate for staging your vacant new or recently renovated home! Just give us a call so we can arrange a meeting at the property!

Lived-in Homes

For vacant homes that are not new and have not been renovated, we offer consultations. Click here to learn more about our consultations.

To learn more about how we work our magic, have a read through our case studies!