Property Investors & Flippers

Investors, have you recently bought a house you’d like to renovate and put back up on the market?  Or have you bought a property that doesn’t need renovations but just a little TLC before you put it on the market?

We know a thing or two about high-leverage adjustments that will add a lot of value to a home for very reasonable investments!

Homestyling By Cathy proudly partners with property investors to prepare homes for listing on the market, so that the properties inspire potential buyers and help viewers see the potential of the home. We have helped many investors sell their houses for maximum profit. Take advantage of our expertise before you even begin!

Here’s how we can help.

  • One of our team can come to your property and recommend which changes are most cost effective for you.
  • We can choose the colours, fixtures, flooring, etc which will appeal to the current home buyer.
  • Lastly, we will make your house a show stopper by staging it with our modern/contemporary furniture and accessories that buyers will love.

Which of the following objections and comments have you heard recently?
“The look here is a bit outdated.”
“I don’t think our sofa and chairs will fit in this living room.”
“I’m not sure the layout will work well for us.”
“What is this room? A den?”
“Oh, why did the builders put that there?”

If you’re interested in getting the prospective buyer to see more of the potential and less of the problem issues, you should have a look at our case studies!