Occupied Home Staging

Are you a home owner looking to sell the home you’re currently living in?

If you are living in your house while it is on the market, the presentation of your house is all-important.

We understand that living in your house while trying to sell is quite challenging.

This is when a stager becomes your best friend!

We can relieve you of some of that stress while increasing the sell-ability of your home.

You’ve designed and decorated your home to your tastes and that is way it should be when you are living in it. But when your house goes on the market, sometimes personal taste doesn’t appeal to the majority of the buyers. And that’s where a home stager comes in.

It’s the difference between decorating to dwell and decorating to sell.

Every occupied home needs a comprehensive plan to successfully prepare it to compete with similar homes on the market. Our consultation is the necessary first step.

Working with your own furniture and accessories as much as possible, we will go through your house room by room with you, advising exactly what you need to do to help your home sell.

This will include recommendations on paint colors, cost effective updates and repairs if deemed necessary.

We will also advise on what needs to go and what should stay, what should be moved/re-purposed, how to improve traffic flow, advice on window treatments & bedding, correct hanging of art and so much more!

Have your pen and paper ready to take lots of notes!

The cost for this is $200+ HST for house of 2500 sq ft or less. Larger houses will cost more-call us for a quote.

We can come back at your request and do the hands-on staging for you after the painting, repairs and updates are completed as necessary and we can also shop for any accessories/art/bedding for you. These services are priced at an hourly rate.

In some cases we can rent items to you to complete the look in your staged house. These would be art/mirrors, small furniture pieces and accessories. We do not rent soft furnishings such as bedding, rugs, towels, draperies, etc. This will be a monthly rental cost.

Your home will be showing to its full potential if you follow our professional advice.

We know that this is your living space. All of our staging will be as accommodating of your lifestyle as possible but please keep in mind that the way you would normally live in a house is not the way you sell it. The inconvenience will be well worth it when you sell your house quickly for maximum profit.