Home Owner

If you’re a home owner looking to sell your home, know that Homestyling By Cathy can help you on a private sale or by collaborating with your real estate agent.

Let’s face it, no home is perfect.

And yet, at Homestyling By Cathy, we use staging to create a positive first impression of your home.


Home Staging | Homestyling by Cathy in St. John's, NL

  If you’re needing to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price, you really need to take a look at these statistics about staging:
  • A Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. study showed that houses spent half of the time on the market and sold for 6% more than comparable unstaged houses.
  • People don’t often buy a house without viewing it, and people don’t often view a house without looking at photos online. The National Association of Realtors says that 93% of home buyers look at homes online before deciding to view a property. Beautiful photos of a staged home helps get more prospective buyers interested and drive traffic to your door!
  • Staging vacant homes commonly is priced at 1-3% of the asking price on the house, and increases the sale price by 8-10%! That means a 400,000$ house could be staged for $4,000 and bring a return of up to $40,000! In what other situation can you buy a ten dollar bill for a loonie?
  • According to Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) statistics, homes that are staged before being listed sell 87% faster than unstaged ones.