E-Decorating for your Home

How many of you would love to re-decorate a room in your home, but you don’t know where to start?

Of course you can hire a professional decorator/designer, but how would you like to decorate your room yourself, with help from a virtual professional decorator? Well, the decorator is not exactly virtual (me!), but the process is virtual/digital.

Advantages of e-decorating

• The fees to the decorator will be much less than an on-site decorator.
• E-decorating is accessible no matter where you live in the world!
• You can ‘see’ the finished room with a 3D image.
• You can try different furniture lay-outs and different paint colours before you make any final decisions.

I use a special software for this and it is very user friendly. I can walk you through it step by step. 

Basically, you will have to click on a link on my website, or on my Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Ads which will bring you to a questionnaire for you to complete. Don’t get too hung up on this, especially if you can’t answer a question. We will have lots of time to discuss it. Here is an example of the questionaire:


After you email the questionnaire back to me you have to choose a package. I have 3 packages for 3 levels of service. https://designfiles.co/design-packages/homestyling-by-cathy.

You will have direct messaging with me to help you through any hurdles. I will do up two ‘concept boards’ for each room, based on a questionnaire and any conversations/messaging we may have had. The good thing about this software is that you can choose actual furniture that you can buy online at Wayfair. More vendors will be added soon.

Of course you are not obligated to buy the furniture we choose, but the software also tells you exactly how much it will cost if you decide to go that route.

The E-Decorating Process

The following photos will explain to you the process for doing a 2D or 3D e-decorating project.

The first photo below shows an empty room, with the photo taken strategically to allow the software to register three walls with dimensions that help for proportion and placing elements appropriately.

E-decorating St. John's


The second photo (below) shows a 2D concept board of a selection of items that can be used for the e-decorating.  These choices will be made after the client completes the first step in the process–filling out an online questionnaire giving me some idea of the client’s preferred styles, colors, etc.  We will also likely be talking or texting to clarify those choices before this 2D board is completed.

E-Decorating Furniture Inventory


This photo below shows a 3D board of the same room showing the above furniture placed appropriately.

If the client wants to purchase these items, they’re available from vendors online using their e-commerce platform.  Here is a list of the items (below) used in the above room and the price of each.  Actually, the software will add the total for all the items on the list.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Capture-c.jpg



Here is another 2D set up of the same room using different items.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Design-Files-Capture-1.jpg


And here is the 3D board using those items.  This can give a different feel to the same room.  Which do you like best?

E-Decorating in St. John's


and here is the list of the inventory items available for purchase.


Contact Homestyling by Cathy for E-Decorating Services

If you’re interested in e-decorating services for your home, get in touch with me! I can help you do a home makeover using the e-decorating software, show you what the final product can look like, and advise you on elements to purchase for your home.