Living in your home while selling?

Whenever staging an occupied home, a consultation is the necessary first step. For those who plan to stage their own home while living in the space we provide consultations as a stand-alone service.

Often buyers find this helpful because removing personalization goes a long way in allowing a prospective buyer to imagine themselves in the home, living their ideal lifestyle. This emotional projection of their future selves is what compels them to consider the home seriously and perhaps even to buy.

Working with your own furniture and accessories as much as possible, we will go through your house room by room with you, advising exactly what you need to do to help your home sell by creating mass appeal.

This will include recommendations on paint colors, updates and repairs, if deemed necessary. We will also advise on what needs to go and what needs to stay, what should be moved/repurposed, how to improve traffic flow, advice on window treatments & bedding, and more!

You name it we will address it! Have your pen and paper ready to take lots of notes! The cost for this is $200+HST for houses of 2500 sq ft or less. For larger houses, please call us for a quote.