Welcome to Homestyling by Cathy

When it comes time to sell your home, we want to stack the deck in your favour. The tools of our trade are a keen eye for interior decor, knowledge of the demographics of the buying public, and some magical creativity. We know our business well.

Homestyling by Cathy has helped sell over $50,000,000.00 of property in St. John’s and surrounding areas.

We’ve collaborated with home builders and professional real estate names you know well, bringing the benefits of a professionally-designed interior to their homes.



 Now we want to put our skills to work for you.

What We Do

Homestyling by Cathy helps homeowners sell their houses quickly for maximum profit by staging them to appeal to the target market. Home staging is decorating to sell.

Here’s how it works: We visit your home and our stylists determine what improvements need to be made to the home to make it a hot attraction for buyers.   We can do anything from a consultation for occupied homes to a full stage for vacant homes. We can quote a price based on your needs and we do everything for you to get your home sales-ready. 

“Home Staging Works.”
– Larry Hann, The Hann Group, Hanlon Realty.


Our Services

Vacant Staging

Vacant homes are notorious for being difficult to sell, and staging helps stack the deck in your favour by helping prospective buyers imagine the lifestyle they can have in your home. Homestyling by Cathy can help!

Occupied Staging

Are you trying to sell a home you’re living in? Occupied homes present their own challenges because we decorate to our own tastes. Staging can help present the best image of your home, all while maintaining it in a liveable condition for your family.


We can recommend the most important adjustments to your home in the way of renovations, new paint colours, or other cosmetic updates. Use this service to find out where to spend your money when preparing your home for the market.

Stage It, List It, SOLD!

I am very happy to say your staging worked! We got excellent feedback for the first weekend having the house on the market. We actually even got it SOLD!

​Angela, St. John’s

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