Virtual Staging vs Traditional Staging

To people who are not familiar with those terms, here is a simple explanation.   To stage a house simply means to prepare a house for the market so that it sells faster and for more money than a comparable home that is not staged. Read More

Sellers: Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse!

Sellers!  Don’t put the cart before the horse! 

If you know the meaning of this saying, you’ll know where I’m going with this when it comes to preparing both vacant & occupied houses going on the market.  Sellers, don’t list your house until it has been properly prepared.  Don’t be so anxious to sell that you do things backwards! Read More

Which Room is the Greatest Turn-off for Buyers?

Trying to sell your home?  Is there one room or area that is turning off the buyers?  Is there something you can do to eliminate that problem?  In reality, there are lots of rooms or spaces that can turn off buyers.  As the homeowner, you may not be aware of it.  Here are some of the rooms that can be a huge turn-off  for buyers.

 The empty room

You can imagine how this room can be set up, but many people can’t.  Most people are confused by empty rooms.  What is this room?  How could I use this room?  Will my furniture fit in this room?  An empty room will also emphasize any shortcomings in the room.  So, SHOW your buyers what this room could be used for.  Set it up as a cosy den, an office or a spare bedroom, whichever makes more sense in your demographic.

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The 4 Most Common Decorating Mistakes


The problem with art is twofold. 

1.  Hanging your art too high.  This is a common error.  The problem with hanging your art too high is that it creates a disconnect between the furniture & furnishings.  Your room should read as a coherent pleasing space and hanging the art too high defeats this purpose.  Hang your art so that the center of the piece is 60-63 in. from the floor. Read More

Buyers Don’t Care!

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Ten reasons to stage your home before listing.

Here are just a few reasons why you should stage your home before you put it on the market.


1.  Buyers are looking for that emotional connection.  If your house evokes pleasant emotions, you are much more likely to sell your house.  Stagers know how to make a home appeal the emotions of the potential buyers.

Hire a Professional Photographer if possible – If not, read this!

I am NOT a photographer but here are some things I have learned in my own business as a home stager and from my own experience as a potential home buyer.   This is for home owners, real estate agents, home stagers and anyone else who takes photos of houses for advertising purposes.  First of all, I highly recommend you hire a professional photographer.  You can always tell which houses are professionally photographed and these houses will usually get the most hits.  If you choose to do your own photos because of financial or other reasons, here are a few tips to help you get it right. Read More

Advantages of working with Homestyling by Cathy

What are the advantages of hiring Homestyling by Cathy to prepare your vacant home for the market? 

  • As professionals, as you can see in this post, we do not skimp on time.  Every house is unique and we take the time to analyze each one.

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Home staging: Myths vs Facts

Home staging:  Myths vs Facts 

Misconceptions abound among home sellers and real estate professionals about the value, cost and importance of staging homes to sell. Do you know which are myths and which are the FACTS?
MYTH #1 
I have beautifully decorated my home so it will sell quickly and for top dollar.


It may be decorated very nicely… but in YOUR taste and style. It is quite likely your style/decor will not appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Buyers’ tastes are so varied it is better to start with a neutral palette and work from there. Read More

Vacant Staging-Quick and Easy? Not!

I get lots of inquiries about staging a vacant house.  I’ve had these inquiries from Realtors, builders/developers, flippers and home owners.  I often give a ballpark estimate over the phone and in some cases the estimate is more than what they thought it would be.  I would like to break down the process for you in time segments so that you will better understand WHY the quote is what it is. Read More

How much does home staging cost?

One of the most common questions home stagers hear is: “How much does home staging cost?”

It’s fair to ask, and I understand where people are coming from when they ask this question.

Obviously, the up-front cost to have a stager render services varies on what will be required. Each situation is unique.

This article will explain some of the factors that will affect the cost of the services and what you can expect.

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