Case Study

A homeowner called me at her Realtor’s suggestion to discuss staging the large open room in her basement before it went on the market.  She knew the ‘bowling alley’ effect would be a bit disconcerting for most buyers.  It was a beautiful ranch bungalow, only a couple of years old.  It had a large piece of land and was in a great area.   Read More

I had a call from a Realtor who was rather puzzled as to why a particular house was not selling.  It was about the same size and quality of several other new builds in the subdivision.  All of those had sold very quickly.  

After some thought, it dawned on her that the unusual placement of the stairs may have something to do with it. 

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“We’re not getting anybody through to view it.”
Another homeowner was desperate to sell her vacant home.
Posting online descriptions and images didn’t seem to work. All the usual marketing channels were used to try to attract attention.
It seemed like very few prospective buyers were interested in coming to take a look at the home.  
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Another homeowner, looking to sell  her home, was concerned because of a space on the first floor which had been renovated to make a separate apartment.
For some reason, the renovation crew had to leave an awkward ledge jutting into the room, and an awkwardly placed door, right alongside, was leading into a bedroom that was a full step up from the living room.
It was less than ideal, and any home visitor could see it immediately.
I was called in to see what I could do.

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“This house would be perfect if the family room were bigger.”
I was receiving another S.O.S. call from a Realtor who wanted to sell a beautiful brand new house.  She explained to me what the reaction had been from the majority of people who had visited the home for a viewing.
The number one objection was that the family room was too small to fit furniture for adequate seating- and on account of this fact alone, numerous potential buyers had walked out.
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“Cathy, this house just won’t sell.”

I was called by a builder to have a look at a cute house which had been on the market for  4 months with no offers. Nearly everybody who viewed the house absolutely loved it except for one thing…the layout.

Everybody said the same thing: “I don’t know what to do with this living area.”

Have you ever heard that objection?

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“A big shout out to Homestyling by Cathy, for the fantastic staging…

What a difference!! If you are looking at staging a vacant home, give Cathy a call!”

Chris Stoodley, Keller Williams Realty